Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pretty Red Toes!

Friday was such a wonderful day!! My feet were looking pretty motley since I've been wearing flip flops for months so, yesterday, I got a pedicure. It was AMAZING! I love having my feet rubbed, massaged, and generally tended to and, while Chris makes valiant attempts, he's no expert! Being in the car completely alone was wonderful! I played my favorite 80s music as loud as I could stand it, opened the sunroof, and sang like crazy!! That's good for the soul! My first stop was Starbucks for my very favorite salted caramel hot chocolate Frappuccino - if you haven't had this taste sensation, you need to fix that right now!! And then it was off to the salon for my much-anticipated pedicure and it totally ROCKED! I always go with red for my toenails and this time I picked Essie's Limited Addiction. It is a fabulous red and now my feet look so completely fantastic that I hate to walk on them!

See you soon!!

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